Empowering, Encouraging & Equipping

Hardcastle Solutions works with individuals and organizations providing coaching and consulting services. We exist to empower, encourage and equip our clients. Everyone desires to move forward and achieve more but finding a clear path to results can be daunting. Breaking limits and achieving higher-potential is nothing more than developing an actionable plan and providing inspiration. Hardcastle Solutions believes in the power of analytics to uncover what is minimizing your potential. We transform data into strategy by delivering real and actionable solutions to achieve results. We are ready to help you develop a strategic plan and provide motivation through inspirational messaging.

Hardcastle Solutions goes beyond data to understand more about what makes you or your business tick. Further, we determine the effect decision will have on external stakeholders. We gain a holistic perspective on internal and external elements. Simply stated, people, data and processes is our approach. Our approach helps to achieve a 360-degree view making the best options available. Our Goal is to know who you are, where you are going, and develop the best strategy to ensure you make it to your destination with the best results possible.

Hardcastle Solutions uses a variety of tools, which are determined for your unique situation. Clients who need to create a lifestyle of balance will begin with the Wheel of Life to gain better insight into what is occurring. Organizations desiring to gain a better understanding of organizational culture will start with an Online Organizational Cultures Assessment (OCAI) to uncover cultural discrepancies. Our solutions are always unique, as people and businesses do not exist in cookie-cutter scenarios.

Hardcastle Solutions founder and head coach and consultant, Justin Hardcastle earned a Master’s in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Coaching and is a Candidate for Doctor of Strategic Leadership with a focus in Global Consulting. He has spent the more than fifteen years developing organizations, primarily in the non-profit sector. Some of the institutions we have worked with are colleges, regional organizations, international organizations, non-profit organizations, community business groups, churches and more. We continually develop our skill to increase effectiveness for our clients.

At our core, we GEAR up, which is:


Gaining more knowledge and skills


Doing everything well with a strategy


Moving our client’s agenda forward


Building genuine relationships with people

Our philosophy drives us to be the best and 
do the best for you, our client.