Should Sports Franchises Allow their Team Member’s to Take a Knee?

Over the past could of weeks, the country has been thrown into turmoil over statements made by the President of the United States and of the actions of NFL players and other sports franchises. There is no doubt that both sides are making hard-stances.

Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is in an uproar! People are drawing lines and friendships are being lost over this issue. The battle for racism or the lack-thereof seems to be the prevailing question.

One side is taking a knee to stand for what they feel is police brutality and other racially charged injustices. Those who are on the opposing side are considering the protests as anti-American.

Some may ask, “How has our country found iteslf in this situation?”

Where do people go for leadership, when they are divided by such powerful and personal feelings? Who will rise to take charge in a time where there is seemingly no room for compromise? How can we address this issue as a nation? Should sports franchises allow their team members to take a knee?

Ignoring the issues will not bring growth.

These compelling questions are being brought to the workplace, and you may have to address these issues within your organization. As leaders, we must be the first to address these long-standing feelings and develop solutions within our organizations. The challenge of bringing peace will be difficult, but peace cannot exist where conversation does not. Addressing the issues of racial tensions, police brutality, and respect for the American flag might seem like it is not a workplace issue, but this conversation is already there.

Sitting down to write this post, I desire not to create additional division, and my viewpoint on the subject is not important. What is important is that conversations must occur among those who can make a difference.