When You Do Not Know What to Do—Do this!

Sometimes it is easy to lead, while other times it can be more challenging. In my experience, the worst times to lead are when there is multiple solutions to one singular problem. Now of course, this is not a problem when it is just me, but when there are others involved things become much more complicated.

What are you supposed to do when there are people you work with on both sides of an issue, or worse yet, on multiple sides of an issue? This type of situation brings a lot of pressure. The very pit of your stomach can ache and you may have anxiety about making a decision. Your hope is to make a good decision that will please everyone involved. This is what makes you a good leader, because you are caring and passionate about others and their involvement. But, I have learned throughout the years of my leadership experience that I cannot please everyone, no one can.

So what is a leader to do? Effective Christian leaders first pray for God’s direction. The pursue the advisement of wise counsel and aim to carefully weigh information. A good leader researches optional routes to take. But what happens when you have to go a direcion that will not make everyone happy? Listen to your internal voice. That still small voice that is within you that directs you concerning what is right or wrong. Your internal voice is the one you will have to live with. Cosidder all options, but after analysis is conducted go the direction that makes sense to you. I have learned to the best decisions are made when I listen to my inner voice.

Here’s the best route summed up:

  1. Pray for God’s Direction
  2. Seek Wise Counsel
  3. Pray
  4. Listen to the Still Small Voice
  5. Follow.